How to Make Sex Playful and Fun

If you feel your bedroom action could do with a little fun and playfulness, you’re not alone. Over 60% of men and women in a recent survey said that they wanted to make sex more fun and playful, and that they were tired of ordinary, boring sex that followed the same tired script again and again.
So, how to spice up your sex life? Relationship expert Wendy Walsh, Ph.D., author of The 30-Day Love Detox says, “People learn to play each other’s instruments, and then they go to the same two spots. But you become accustomed to that and you can become numb emotionally and physically. Then things just don’t work as well as they did before.”
Based on the advice from some of the best known relationship experts in the world, here are some great tips to make your sex life playful and fun, once again.
Don’t Fake It
Never fake an orgasm, because when you do, your partner will never know when he’s doing something wrong. Make him work hard to please you, otherwise he will just take it too easy. Let him know when it feels good and when he needs to do better through your body language.
Do Something Unusual
Do something different and unusual. The fact is, all women want novelty in the bedroom, just the same as men do. Do something that’s different from the usual sexual script; maybe have sex in the terrace, or in the car, anywhere except in the bedroom. Change your routine – have sex in the morning, or take a day off work to do nothing but have sex with your partner! There are so many things you can do to make your sex life playful and fun again.

Play Out Your Sexual Fantasy
What’s your favorite sexual fantasy? Maybe you want to try out what you say in the move Fifty Shades of Grey. As sex therapist Ian Kerner says, “Put the thing you’d like to do in the context of a sexy fantasy or dream that involves your partner.” Try out some amazing shower sex, for example. Maybe you would like to use some of the erotic toys available at such as the BDSM Be My Slave, Nipple Clipper or XOXO Clapper.
Try Out New Positions
Get creative with your sex positions. Do you crave nothing more than emotional intimacy and eye contact – then stick to Missionary. How about ripping your partner’s clothes off? Try Upstanding Citizen, or maybe Try Reverse Cowgirl.  Just go crazy!
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Dress the Part
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