Step By Step Instructions On How To Crop A Video

Do you have to crop your video before you upload it online? The virtual scene presents a very fierce competition which has no place for boring videos. If you are looking to garner a great volume of viewership with your video you must make it brief and to-the-point- devoid of all unnecessary scenes. So, how to crop videos? Well, you have the video editor software solutions these days that help to crop out unwanted clips for a super-edgy video.

The post below offers step by step instructions on how to crop a video.

Step 1

Look for a good video editing software program online which you will download & install in your computer. Your chosen one should carry a healthy reputation in the market & must be heavily recommended by previous users.

Step 2

The best video editing software programs come up with 2 options- one allows you to crop several videos files simultaneously while the other works on each file individually. So select your required editing mode. Then, get you video file/files to the just-installed editing software window. You will find something like “Add media files” on the program where you will click to get your files.

Step 3

Now, it’s finally the time to crop the undesired scenes from the video/videos. You will find a “Crop” tab on the program window. You would need to select the area to be cropped.

Now, it’s to stress here that the leading video editor programs not only help with the cropping function but also allows a number of other necessary editing functions as well. For example, these help to correct the video mistakes, add special effects and so on. In case your video track too needs such additional functions apart from cropping, utilize the other editing features offered by your software.

Step 4

Now that you have cropped and edited your video as per your specifications, you would need to save it in your computer. Before you save it, the editing software program will permit you to change it in your desired multimedia format. When you have converted it, click on “Save”.

When you are in the lookout of a great video editor software program to crop your videos, Movavi Video Editor would be your absolute aide. The globally reputed software assures easy cropping & multiple useful editing functions for your video file.

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